Monday, 15 July 2013

Do Google's Search Results Suck?

This week I published a short video titles Google Search Results Suck that demonstrates how Google sometimes returns less than ideal results when a user performs a search. While the video is a bit of a cheap shot at the search giant it does demonstrate how search results can fall a long way short of achieving Google's primary goal of providing a great user experience.

Google search is one of the most influential pieces of technology to businesses in the world today. Google knows this. You and I know this. The hundreds of super intelligent engineers working at Google know this. Still, the mighty search algorithm that is the cornerstone of Google search can deliver search results that are quite useless.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the services I provide at Convertology Internet Marketing and so the relevance of search results has a crucial influence over the service I provide. As such I, along with ever other person trying to do the right thing with regard to SEO, find it incredibly frustrating when despite our best efforts Google sometimes returns junk results in higher search result positions than genuinely useful pages. These inculde broken pages, pages that have been removed and websites that have been up for only a few weeks with minimal content. How are these the best search results Google can come up with?

I can't help but feel that Google search has lost its way somewhat. Search results are often lacking and I find that search results are laced with less than ideal results more often that at other points in the past. There has been a step backwards. Have they over complicated their search algorithm to the point where it has become too complex to work effectively? As outsiders (to the company) we will never know however I for one truely hope Google can find its search mojo once again. In the meantime I'm going to give Bing a little more attention when I search the web. So far their search results suck a lot less...